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Opening & Closing Accounts

To Open an Account

In order to Open an Account, you should bring the following into BEC's Business Office on Blue Hill and Tucker Roads or at the Marathon Mall Office:

  1. The original Electrical Installation Approval, a copy of the Occupancy Certificate (or occupancy exemption). These documents are issued by the Building Control Division of the Ministry of Works & Transport and can be obtained from the electrical or building contractor.
  2. Two forms of personal identification, the National Insurance Card (a must), along with a valid Passport or Voters Card. In the case of non-working expatriates, a valid Passport (a must) along with a Social Security Card or Drivers License.
  3. Where the applicant is a Limited Company or Government Ministry, the following is required: A letter on the Company's or Ministry's letterhead with the name of two (2) signatories, positions held, along with the Company's seal or Ministry's stamp affixed; along with the requirements in point 1.
  4. The letter should state that the company / government ministry applies for the supply of electricity to certain named premises and authorizes the persons (also to be named) to sign on the Company's or Ministry's behalf. There ought to be two signatories on the Company's or Ministry's Account with the Corporation.

How to Close Your Account

You can fax a signed letter to The Manager, Customer Services along with first 4 pages of passport or front and back of drivers license,


Come in and request that the supply be disconnected.


Once the account is finalized and there is a remaining balance due on the account, the deposit will be applied to the account. Also, if there is a credit balance after the funds have been applied to the account, it would then be transferred to your new account. If there is no outstanding balance due, a cheque will be prepared for collection for any outstanding credit balance. You are required to provide photo identification in order to collect your cheque. This process may take approximately 3 to 4 weeks.


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