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50th Anniversary Celebrations

50th Anniversary Church Service

Fifty years to some may be a very long time, but to others, they have only just begun to live. At BEC, the long awaited 50th anniversary of the Corporation was met with eager anticipation by both employees and retirees. It all began on October 1, 2006 with a celebration of this milestone in thanksgiving to God during a church service held at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Shirley and Church Streets.



Employees attended in large numbers as they worshipped together and attentively listened to a powerful and thought-provoking sermon delivered by the church's rector, Father James Moultrie.

Both employees and retirees participated in the service, which came to a great climax when fifty white doves were released into the air, symbolizing peace and unity for another fifty years. Friends and well-wishers shared in a joyful time over a well-prepared and scrumptious brunch as they all reminisced and looked back on the early days at the Corporation.





 On October 28, 2006, staff again came together in a time of fun and frolic at the early morning Fun/Run Walk. It was a smashing success. Just before 6:00 a.m., scores of employees, retirees and family members gathered at the main administration building, and shortly afterwards, runners were off to the races. There was camaraderie and friendly competition as employee challenged employee and divisions challenged divisions. Every Division of the Corporation was represented which presented the opportunity for a good physical workout for all. Upon reaching the finish line at Goodman's Bay, a good Bahamian meal was served, giving employees and family members the opportunity to continue to bond in friendship.



Phil Smith Legends Classic

Just when we thought we had enough fun, another grand event took place that not only brought employees together again, but also many members of the public. History was made in the Bahamas on Saturday night, the 28th October, 2006, when BEC employees and persons from the public filled the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gym to capacity in a community effort in support of Sports Legend, Phil 'Smoka' Smith. In addition to BEC's basketball legends displaying their sportsmanship, fans were also able to watch breathlessly as the Nassau Legends, Grand Bahama Legends, the Kentucky Colonels, Becks Cougars, ZNS and the Tribune went up against each other. BEC was proud to be the Anchor Sponsor for this Classic in celebration of our 50th Anniversary.


 In-House Logo Competition

The launch of the 50th Anniversary In-House Logo Competition got ideas flowing and anticipation heightened when employees were invited to design a logo that would reflect aspects of BEC's heritage and growth over the past fifty years. Entry forms were distributed and rules and guidelines for the competition were outlined, and on November 24, entries were collected for judging by competent artists from the community. Oh, the vivid colours and ideas that flowed through each entry! The judges had an arduous time deciding upon the best entries, but unanimously agreed on the winners which were announced during a reception held on December 20, 2006 at Luciano's of Chicago, East Bay Street:

First Place Winner: Carlton Stuart - Clifton Pier Power Station
Second Place Winner: Livingston Moxey - Planning Department, Big Pond
Third Place Winner: Allan Adderley - Planning Department, Big Pond

Bryan Taylor, Economist, and Theodore Morley, Planning Department, Big Pond, received honourable mention for their submissions.


Annual Christmas Party

The year was fast coming to an end, and the annual Christmas Party attended by employees during the month of December was stepped up a notch in celebration of its 50th anniversary. It was truly a golden affair. They weren't asking for much; they just wanted enough, but got more than they expected through fun and merriment as they all danced to the sounds of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Pop Band, KB, and the AncientMan at the Radisson Cable Beach Hotel on December 21, 2006. It was hilarious watching the General Manager, Kevin Basden and Chairman, Keith Major and others ride across the hall on little bikes just big enough for a child!


New Year's Junkanoo Group

Kalik, kalik, kalingkalik, kalik, kalik, kalik, hay ! ! ! Christmas was near, the sound of cowbells was in the air, and BEC employees were ready for Junkanoo. Dancers, bellers, rushers and drummers came from everywhere in BEC to form their own Junkanoo group. They practiced hard and long every day until they got the moves and the music down to a science, and then rushed to the rhythmic Junkanoo beat on Bay Street on New Year's Day, January 1, 2007. The General Manager and many of his Executives lead the pack with pasted costumes of blue and yellow which drew many 'oo's and 'ah's', and everyone who participated had a ball.

Now, the year has all too soon come to an end. Whether we agree or not that 50 years is a long time to be around, we all agree that as employees, we were bonded in love and unity even more during the celebration of our 50th anniversary. This united front and commitment have not only enabled us to successfully power the Bahamas for the past generation, but certainly will for generations to come.

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